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Not only will this book increase your sales, but you will also get access to the monthly Picaroons newsletter. Here I will share tips and tricks that will help you take your social media to the next level and further. 

Would it help your business if more people knew what you do?

Are you unsure what to post on your page?

Are you worried about annoying people by sharing too much on social media? 

This book outlines 104 effective and easy to implement social media content ideas. What to post, why it will help you and how to post each idea are presented in simple terms. No business jargon. No ineffective information that will just get you more likes. A book that can be re-read multiple times to inspire content ideas that will lead to more sales for your business. 

And that's all you really need.


Jakey The Bakey, Chef/Caterer

The insights from the extracts I have read have been incredibly helpful to me and my business. As someone who thought they were 'alright' at social media, I can safely say the tips and advice are far above what I was doing (which I thought were already quite good practices). My social media accounts have grown, not just in number- but quality of followers. I can't wait to read the book in full (I was given a test version). Clearly a thorough and professional piece of literature. 

Joseph Cheung, Director at Sun Wah Foods

Easy to read, very practical, and definitely an idea generating tool when my brain is not functioning properly. Well worth a read!

Phil Berg Assistant National Director, BNI Motivational Speaker, Reach Your Goals

Forget you are my son as facts are facts …… This book has taken away all of the fears, suspicions and scepticisms I ever had about Social Media and you have mastered the knack of making it all seem so simple – even for me !! It is obvious that you are an expert in this field and I now truly understand “why” Social Media is a necessary strategy in business. Through the very clever way you have written this masterpiece, it has empowered me with the confidence and now the ability to come up with my own monthly social media strategy  - and you make it sooooooooooooo easy to implement    Thank you for wanting to make a difference to all businesses and their families and I urge anyone that is serious about increasing company profit, to go out and invest in this book  - right now 

Jayat Raniga, Jewellery and Watches

Easy to follow trail of golden nuggets to help you through the vast jungle of social media. Can't wait to implement some great ideas!

Russell Brooks, Brooks Jewellery Services

I bought the book, I read the book, and most importantly ( as its about tech stuff), I UNDERSTOOD the book.

Julie Ward

Hi james I loved your book. Easy to follow and step by step approach

Josh Leitner, Managing Director at Evertex Table Linen Ltd

Hi James
I attended a conference run by your dad, and he briefly mentioned your book. I will be honest, that when I purchased it, I thought I was just doing 'a favour' to your father and was not really that bothered as to whether the book would actually be useful.
How wrong I was! Beautifully illustrated, easy format to follow and some great Social Media ideas.
Your dad mentioned why you picked 104 as a number. Great story - why don't you mention it?
Thank you James for a great publication

Daf Wynne, Co Director at Bluefeather Ireland

Hi there James, your Dad was as always a perfectly inspirational speaker at the BNI Dublin conference. He offered some of your books and I raced in and bought one. Initially, almost as a favour to him, but actually its absolutely super. much deserved success with it! 

Claire Hartnell, Managing Director at C J Garden Services

I bought the book about 3 weeks ago, I love social media for business - I find it really interesting. James’s book is punchy and easy to read! You can pick it up and put it down easily. Highly recommend!

Mohammed Asif Patel Sarodi

Excellent Book, I already utilised Social Media to create brand awareness. I offer my clients basic Social Media training when requested. I have 31 points checklist, and number 31 is for my clients to purchase Picaroons book 104 SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT IDEAS TO INCREASE SALES. Its great keeps me structure and makes it easier for me to explain to my clients. The book allows me and my clients to understand Social Media in a simpilfied way. That's brilliant, cannot wait for another book from James Berg.

Juliana O'jemilua, SpotClean

104 ideas Book is a must have for anyone that is looking to increase their business presence on social media. We’re using some of the nuggets already. Well done James of Picaroons

Sinead Fegan, Freelance Copywriter at Beacon internet marketing

I got a lot out of this book and will definitely be following the content ideas. Many thanks

Simon Drake, Business Consultant, Ascentiv Trainer

Some really great ideas and it has helped me with having somewhere to start! Thanks

Brigitte Sawyer, Arbonne Independent Consultant

Great little book , very useful content , extremely well laid out . Perfect for all : for people who have no idea about social media (like me! The book is clear, suggestions are easy to put into practice with key words) , as well as for people who know (so they can check and refine their skill). Highly recommended !

Harrison Smith, Associate Director Specialist Real Estate At Barclays

Fantastic book and the social media pages provide excellent content and tips too!! Enjoy the “how to” videos.

Alfie Bailey, Director Consultant BNI

WOW I thought I new Social Media until I got stuck into this book, James you have a wealth of knowledge and have helped me implement it in my day to day work......I would and have highly recommend your book to friends, family and work collegues :-) I have only just started on my Marketing Strategy for Social Media and already seeing HUGE improvements..... Hats off to you, you should be very proud!!! Total Genius!!!!

Adam Nagle, MD Nostrala Production Ltd

The book - Modern day wisdom, that is formatted in a way that is easy to digest, which allowed me to quickly learn a great deal about a subject i wish i didn't have to know about. Well done.

Ben McKelvey, Songwriter and Musician

Brilliantly put together, can’t recommend enough

Clive Maloney, Business Consultant

James appeared as a guest on the Get Real About Business Podcast. He spoke on social media and gave some really useful insights and tips that I know my listeners will be grateful for.

Luke Sugden, Owner LCS Building Services

I just wanted to leave a quick review on the quality of your new book,
I am very much in to Facebook & use it for all my companies, but after reading this book I realised that there is so much more to learn about social media marketing.
This book has somethings in I knew already , but it is also full of lots of things I never knew or even thought of.
Since buy this book I can safely say I have seen a ROI many times over.
Highly recommended for any business owner.

Thank you